Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ray Lamontagne

An artist spills out of a hesitant man, whose hesitation is a mystery, for it holds an artist ~

His Magic?

Ghostly soulful expression. Just try to describe it.

While listening to Ray, anything going on around can easily become secondary. He sings, yes, but he is asking you to join him; to step into his world. And he's a humble and unassuming host. He just wants you to hear him and stay a while. To deny that would seem cruel as his voice and sentiments are so delicately woven that a disruption of the smallest magnitude is foiled into becoming an abrupt offense.

Each album offers Ray and his consistent brilliance, but each album also pivots slightly, to match his evolving perspectives and appreciations.

When things are too good to be true there is often some scepticism that forms around it. Sometimes I think ‘maybe he’s just another pretentious, self indulgent, sensitive artist type, and he’s just really good at disguising it with an authentic and genuine facade.’

What do I really know? Not him. So, I’m taking him for what he generously offers, what he precisely creates and what
I hear;
reflection, curiousity, gentleness, hope, mercy

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